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I'm Jamie.

I'm so glad you're here!  

No one was ever created to play small, and I have lived my life big.  Whether it was joining all the living US Presidents to implement positive change for American Children,  inspiring youth to community activism, coaching and training hundreds of men and women, teaching parenting classes, or reading stories and doing homework with my four precious children, I believe in living a life that matters to everyone I meet.


And that brings me to you.  

You were never meant to play small.

The world needs the light that only you can bring.  


As a certified parent educator and mindset coach, I empower people to live life with no regrets, and to make a difference in every life they touch. The key to happiness lies within.  My mission is to help you discover and activate the unique inner strength, power, and purpose that is already within you.  


I am excited to join you on your path, and I honor the privilege to inspire and equip you to break free from old cycles and create new, wonderful realities for you, family, and the world.

Since you're here, this is likely only the beginning of our journey together. So welcome, my friend.

Welcome to your beautiful life!



 Jamie Knapp