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Black Friday is Live! 

Get 50% off Annual Membership

Ready to Love Your Life Again?

Skyrocket Your Joy,
Ditch Overwhelm, and
Help Your Kids Do the Same.


1. Watch Short Videos


2. Take Simple Steps

3. See Yourself and Your Family Thrive

Raising kids in the gospel is a 24/7 job.

When you run out of "you" to give,


You feel tired and stressed.


You get frustrated with your spouse and kids.


You try tons of things that don't work and end up feeling "not enough."


You don't have enough time for the things that really matter to you.

And that leads to worry, stress, and regret-
Which isn't what God wants for you or your kids.


Imagine if Instead...

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Everything feels easier...and you actually have energy and time to have fun with your kids at the end of the day.

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You are happy and thriving.  You feel closer to heaven than ever, and you feel so excited about the growth you are seeing in yourself AND the people you love!

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Your home is organized and peaceful, and it's easy to manage.

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You don't remember the last time you yelled...and the overwhelm is gone!

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You feel more connected to your spouse and kids than ever.

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You feel confident about who you are and you're living your mission. You love your life!

"You don't have to try not to yell at your kids
when you don't feel mad in the first place."

Jamie Knapp

Inner Strength Parenting is on online coaching program that teaches smart, effective mindset strategies and tools to parents who want to improve themselves and help their families thrive.  It's not about what to say or not say; it's about feeling better on the inside so that everything else falls into place.


Whether you are a brand new single mom or a veteran parent, Inner Strength Parenting will empower you to live at your highest level.  It's designed to help you be a force for good in the world and raise kids who do the same. 

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"I have had the amazing opportunity to take Jamie's classes!  All I can say is they have been life changing!"


How Does It Work?
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New Mindset Classes Every Month on Topics Such As:
  • Motivation 
  • Stress and Overwhelm
  • Life Balance and Time
  • Physical and Emotional Energy
  • Media Challenges
  • Strong Relationships
  • Difficult Emotions
  • Ending Money Stress
  • Confidence
  • Decision Making & Worry
  • Easy Achievement of Life-Changing Goals
  •  Living a JOYFUL Life
  • Creating More Order and Less Work at Home
Group Coaching and Q&A 
  • Listen to other people ask their questions and apply knowledge and solutions to yourself and your own life.
  • Free Coaching during group sessions.  Get coaching to break through your biggest obstacles and thrive like never before.
Access to Replays (from month of enrollment forward) so you can:

  • listen while you do laundry, dishes, or drive 
  • listen again when you want a refresher on a certain topic

Live Your Mission,
Love Your Life,
Raise Kids Who Do the Same!

Your Membership Gives You Access To:
14 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cancel Anytime with a Simple Click


Annual Membership:  $588

Black Friday Price:  294


New Training Each Week


Live Group Coaching


Member Vault to Access Replays from Your Membership Time


Money Mindset Training


Family Lessons


Body Language for Life Course

Spiritual Learning Styles Course


More Mom, Less Maid Extended Course

Free Bonuses:
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Step-by-Step Guides to Help Your Family:
Family Lesson Guides
Money Mindset Training
  • Understand why goals matter and how to set and achieve them
  • Learn by doing fun, interactive activities as a family
  • Set and achieve meaningful goals one step at a time using simple, easy to follow lessons the whole family will love
Screenshot (19).png
Money Mindset Audio Training empowers you to:
  • Have less stress about money
  • Use it to get what you really want in life
Spiritual Learning Styles Course
  • Every child hears the spirit, but not every child hears it the same way.  
  • Learn the different spiritual learning styles and how to know which your child is.
  • Set and achieve meaningful goals one step at Learn easy, practical ways to help your child feel and recognize the spirit.
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More Mom, Less Maid
Extended Course
  • Ready for some real peace in your home?  Take it to the next step with 12 training videos to walk you through creating more peace, more order, and less cleaning stress!
  • Learn powerful mindset techniques and shifts to make creating a haven in your home easier than ever!
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"I have been feeling burnt out.  This opportunity was literally heaven sent and I am so grateful for the light it has started to bring back into my life... I will forever be grateful."


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Do I have time for this?

A:  Yes.  One of the things parents tell us most often is that they are not overwhelmed anymore.  You probably don't have time to not do this! 

Q:  Do I have to watch the live trainings?  

A:  No.  This program is designed for busy parents.  If it works for you, join us live and ask your questions.  If not, catch the replay whenever it is convenient for you.

Q:  I don't have a spouse who supports me in this.  Will it still work for me?

A:  Absolutely.  Whether you're a single parent or your spouse isn't on board, these tools and techniques can make a massive impact for good in your home.  We always love it when parents message us to let us know that their spouse who didn't think these techniques mattered is now commenting on the change they see at home and encouraging their spouse to keep learning!

Q:  My kids are teenagers and young adults.  One of them barely talks to me.  Is it too late for this to work?

A:  No.  The beauty of Inner Strength Parenting is that it only takes you  to do it.  As you work on you, the impact will flow outward to your family.  Nothing makes us happier than to have a parent message us and say that their teen (who wasn't speaking to them) just asked if they wanted to go to a movie with them or that they were able to have a breakthrough with their teen because they stayed calm and connected when their teen was upset. 

Q:  Will this help me if I don't have kids or they are still super young?

A:  The world would be a better place if every person in your shoes chose to strengthen themselves.  You will be so grateful you chose in!  These principles will bless your life immensely and help you live with more joy and purpose- regardless of if you have children.

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