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Live Your Mission,

Love Your Life

Raise Kids Who Do the Same!

Welcome to Inner Strength Parenting!


Jamie Knapp

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"I have had the amazing opportunity to take Jamie's classes!  All I can say is they have been life changing!"


What is Inner Strength Parenting?

Inner Strength Parenting is on online coaching program that teaches smart, effective strategies and tools to parents who want to improve themselves and help their families thrive.


Whether you are a brand new single mom or a veteran parent, Inner Strength Parenting will empower you to live at your highest level.  It's designed to help you be a force for good in the world and raise kids who do the same. 

Be Empowered To:

• Lose Your Cool Less Often

• Escape Overwhelm

• Find Balance and Fulfillment as a Parent

• Gain Clarity & Direction through Personal Revelation


• Help Your Kids Stop Pushing Away and Closing Off

•Rise Above Stress and Discouragement so you can Live Your Mission- and Help Your Kids do the Same

•Experience Less Stress & More Success with Money

• Get More Cooperation and Obedience at Home

• Have More Time and Less Stress

• Find Greater Purpose and Clarity

• Have More Peace, Order, and Joy in Your Home

• Reach Meaningful Personal and Family Goals


• Heal Difficult Relationships (and Improve Good Ones!)

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Inner Strength


•Learn to Act Instead of Complain

•Diffuse Anger and Frustration

•Feel More Confident, Less Dependent on Opinions of Friends

•Discover Who They Are and Want to Be

•Rise Above Discouragement

•Develop Strong Family Relationships

•Make Wise Choices

•Reach Meaningful Goals

•Effectively Communicate and Solve Problems


•Live Lives They Love

Gain Tools to Help Your Kids:
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How Does It Work?
  • Training Every Month on Topics Such As:
    • Strong Relationships
    • Difficult Emotions
    • Money
    • Confidence
    • Helping Kids Make Wise Choices
    • Goal Achievement
    • Stress and Overwhelm
    • Decision Making & Worry
    • Physical & Emotional Energy 
    • Life Balance & Time 
  • Group Coaching and Q&A Every Month
    • Listen to other parents ask their questions and apply knowledge and solutions to your own family.
    • Optional Free Coaching during group sessions.  Get coaching  to help you and your kids break through your biggest obstacles and thrive like never before.
  • Access to Replays (from month of enrollment forward) so you can:

  • listen while you do laundry, dishes, or drive 
  • listen again when you want a refresher on a certain topic
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Free Bonus:
Family Lesson Guides
Step-by-Step Guides to Help Your Family:
  • Understand why goals matter and how to set and achieve them
  • Learn by doing fun, interactive activities as a family
  • Set and achieve meaningful goals one step at a time using simple, easy to follow lessons the whole family will love
Additional Bonuses:
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Screenshot (19).png
Body Language for Life Full Course so you can:
  • Send the right messages
  • Feel more confident and help your kids do the same
  • Know what your kids are feeling when they don't tell you
Money Mindset Audio Training empowers you to:
  • Have less stress about money
  • Use it to get what you really want in life


Month-to month.
Cancel any time.

Monthly Membership



Annual Membership



Risk-Free Guarantee
Love it your first month
or cancel and pay nothing.

best value!

"I had given up on setting goals as a busy mom because I never seemed in control of my time.  I felt resentment towards motherhood, and then I felt guilty about that.  I now feel so much more control of myself and my progression in life, and I feel JOY!

-M. C.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Do I have time for this?

A:  Yes.  One of the things parents tell us most often is that they are not overwhelmed anymore.  You probably don't have time to not do this! 

Q:  Do I have to watch the live trainings?  

A:  No.  This program is designed for busy parents.  If it works for you, join us live and ask your questions.  If not, catch the replay whenever it is convenient for you.

Q:  I don't have a spouse who supports me in this.  Will it still work for me?

A:  Absolutely.  Whether you're a single parent or your spouse isn't on board, these tools and techniques can make a massive impact for good in your home.  We always love it when parents message us to let us know that their spouse who didn't think these techniques mattered is now commenting on the change they see at home and encouraging their spouse to keep learning!

Q:  My kids are teenagers and young adults.  One of them barely talks to me.  Is it too late for this to work?

A:  No.  The beauty of Inner Strength Parenting is that it only takes you  to do it.  As you work on you, the impact will flow outward to your family.  Nothing makes us happier than to have a parent call and say that their teen (who wasn't speaking to them) just asked if they wanted to go to a movie with them or that they noticed their teenager using healthy tools to calm down when they were upset. 

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Inner Strength


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