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More Mom,

 Less Maid.

Tired of cleaning ALL THE TIME?

It's hard to be the mom or dad you want to be when there are so many other demands on your time and energy.

Join this 12-day challenge to move your workload from impossible to easy and bring more peace and joy to your home!


Each day we will focus not only on practical tips for a specific area of your home, but also on how to overcome the emotional and mental obstacles that are gamechangers in whether or not an area is hard to keep clean.

You're just 12 days away from..."Aww!  This feels so nice!"

* You may also receive occasional emails with tips to help you live your  mission, love your life, and raise kids who do the same.  You may opt-out at any time, but we think you will find them super helpful!

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Here's what we will cover during the challenge:

  • DAY 1:  The Real Reason Clutter Happens and How to Change It

  • DAY 2:  Bedroom / Creating Order From the Inside Out

  • DAY 3:  Your Closet / How to Make Huge Projects Easy

  • DAY 4 : Bathrooms / Helping an Area STAY Clean

  • DAY 5:  Kitchen / What to Do About Kids and Family Members Who Are MESSY!

  • DAY 6:  Pantry / Eternal Laws of Creation and Order

  • DAY 7:  Spiritual Order / A House of Order, A House of God

  • DAY 8:  Entry Areas / What to do When an Area Keeps Getting Messy

  • DAY 9:  Closets, Drawers, and Toys / Honor and Magnify the Purpose of Your Space

  • DAY 10:  Laundry / Making Tasks You Dislike Easier and Faster

  • DAY 11:  Living Areas / The Energy of Your Space

  • DAY 12:  Systems and Maintenance / Getting Kids On-Board

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