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True Confidence

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Starts October 3rd!

  Standing strong and on the Covenant Path during the last days requires True Confidence. 

Not just confidence that comes and goes, but confidence that empowers, defends, and strengthens with time.

Confidence that gives you courage to live your God-given life mission and be your best self. 

Confidence that helps you follow the Savior even if no one else is.   

You need it, and your kids need it.  Heaven knows teens need it every single day. 

During this free challenge, watch short videos and learn practical, simple ways to gain True Confidence and help your kids do the same!


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 Tired of seeing your child struggle with the same things over and over again?

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Learn easy ways to help them move forward

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"Helping Kids Break Free From Negative Cycles"

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Wish you knew what to do about those problems you really worry about?

Increase your ability to get specific, timely answers from heaven to help you and your children rise above the things that worry you most.  Become tools in His hands to help others as you Hear Him like never before!

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Want to strengthen yourself and your kids too?

Learn tools to find more motivation, joy, and ability to be all heaven needs you to be as a parent...and help your kids do the same! 

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