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Want to spend less time cleaning and more time being Mom?

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It's hard to love life as a mom when that life means endlessly cleaning up after everyone else!  Join this free 5-day challenge to get rid of the cleaning stress and create more peace and flow in your home!

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Free Videos:

Visit us on YouTube for free training on timely topics that help you and your kids live your best life!

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Free Podcast:

Liston on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and most podcast platforms for Come Follow Me Insights just for Parents!   Get a much-needed weekly boost of spiritual strength and clarity as you do the most important work as a parent! 

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Want to strengthen yourself and your kids too?

Learn tools to find more motivation, joy, and ability to be all heaven needs you to be as a parent...and help your kids do the same! 

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* By registering you may also receive occasional emails with tips to help you live your mission, love your life, and raise kids who do the same.  You may opt-out at any time, but we think you will find them super helpful!

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