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Hear Him!

5-Day Challenge to Help You Hear Him and Guide Your Kids to do the Same!


Life is way too crazy to survive motherhood

without clear and frequent counsel from heaven....

and no child should walk through

the halls of school without

knowing how to hear heaven's voice.

In just a few minutes a day,

this 5-Day Challenge will help you turn

"Was that an answer?"

into "I know what to do."

We'll even learn some ways to help your kids start to recognize heaven's call.


Especially if you're in a super busy stage of life, this will bring clarity and direction

as you guide your kids on the covenant path!

Where should we send your access links?

Here's What We'll Cover: 

Day 1:  Why it's Hard to Hear Personal Revelation and How to Change That  

Day 2:  How to Hear Him When Life is Super Busy

Day 3:  How to Get Specific Answers and Direction from Heaven

Day 4:  What You Must do to Move from Confusion to Clarity

Day 5:  How to Help Kids and Teens Hear and Recognize Promptings


Challenge begins May 22nd.
Replays will be available for a short time.

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